The lymphedema is a chronicle pathology characterized by  swelling or increased in the volume of soft tissues. Mostly it affects the upper and lower extremities, that is to say, arms and legs. However, it can also appear in genital areas or on the face.

This pathology is due to the inability of the lymphatic system to drain lymph adequately. The lymph is the colorless liquid composed of white blood cells, fats, proteins and salts that travels through lymphatic vessels.


How is this pathology classified?

According to the origin, the lymphedema can be classified in three types:

✔️ Zero (0) or Congenital. It is due to an incorrect functioning of the lymphatic system from birth.

✔️ One (1) or Primary. It arises between the stages of adolescence and maturity without apparent cause.

✔️ Two (2) or Secondary. It is caused by alterations in the lymphatic system due to surgical operations, infections…

How many stages does the lymphedema have?

According to the International Society of Lymphology, there are four stages:

⚕️ Zero (0). Initial phase in which there are already alterations of the lymphatic flow. 

⚕️ One (I). Mild swelling recognized by edema with fovea that decreases with elevation of the affected limb.

⚕️ Two (II). The edema with fovea persists and changes little with the elevation of the affected limb. Within this stage, there is other stage called late stage which consists of a hardening or thickening of the skin without fovea.

⚕️ Three (III). The edema is hard, without fovea, and appears skin disorders (exponential increase in swelling or thickening, papillomatosis…).

Well-being and Quality of Life

Currently, there are multiple scientific researches about well-being and quality of life in people with lymphedema, from the areas of surgery and oncology as well as in the psychosocial and physioterapeutic fields.

We contribute our grain of sand from Lymphe Care for persons with lynphedema, caretakers and health professionals find a shared space with the clear objective of your well-being and improvement of your quality of life.

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